Eclairs by Bo. Pastry

Eclair bar at the party, perhaps, is the best invention of mankind. And we are not talking only about a child’s birthday. Try to arrange colorful boxes with eclairs in the office, when you want to congratulate colleagues on an important achievement. Or treat everyone with it instead of cake at the end of dinner. And what if you hide the box in the refrigerator bag, going on a picnic? You will see that this dessert works fantastic in any of these cases.

Sure, you can come up with a dozen more situations. In Bo. Pastry we have five kinds of eclairs. Just enough to fill a cute box. Everything is based on an air custard, which is filled with a crispy sweetish-salted dough. Our favorite is the caramel-nut Snickers. But if you want real tenderness, you should choose vanilla.

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