Macarons by Bo. Pastry

The biggest secret of the cult French macarons is that, apparently, they were first created in Italy. At least that’s the opinion of Larousse Gastronomique, the world’s leading guide to French cuisine. It says they were served in Venice in the times of Renaissance. Moreover, the Italian meringue used in macarons was more dense and obedient than the French.

Fortunately for the French, the modern look of this dessert was obtained thanks to the cult confectionery Ladurée. Before its version of macaron, it was just an almond meringue decorated with cream, jam or spices. Bo. Pastry confectioners will love this dessert even if it turns out that it was brought to us from another planet. We came up with almost a dozen species as a proof. From traditional lemon, with salty caramel or coffee, to unexpected versions with Aperol or Chinese tea sausep.

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