“Something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue,” – say the British, when they describe the required attributes of the bride’s attire on the wedding. The British believe: each of these four details is symbolic, and observing the tradition will bring happiness to the new family.


Pastry cooks also have a similar rule. They say that in a proper mousse dessert there must necessarily be something crunchy, tender, salty and airy. Of course, it’s not only about traditions but also about the ability to combine as many opposite textures as possible. This balance helps each component of the cake to reveal its best qualities. The biscuit will seem airier in contrast to a crispy layer of nuts and caramel. The nutty praline will be more obvious next to the viscous raspberry coolie. And so on.

Bo. Pastry cooks immediately understood that mousse cakes and pastries will become the main trend in confectionery art. We’ve been studying it for a long time, not only with the help of profile publications and pictures on Pinterest. Pastry trendsetters often come to the Culinary & Pastry Arts Academy, founded by Hector Jimenez-Bravo, so we can learn the secrets of their mastery without intermediaries. After several years of research and dozens of meetings, we want to say that we adore mousse desserts. And we want to share this love with you.

Studying trend stories, we did not lose sight of the classical genres. Try our “Napoleon”, Red Velvet, and see for yourself. Get started with Carrot cake, the favorite dessert of Héctor Jiménez-Bravo. Before finding the right taste, Hector tried, probably, a hundred different variations. His version — with juicy moist cakes, light sourness, and unexpected (for carrot pie) freshness — will certainly surprise you.

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Cake Kiev

Crispy hazelnut dacquoise, special vanilla, chocolate and caramel cream Bo.
115.00 грн.

mango chia

coconut milk, chia seeds, mango puree, nuts
130.00 грн.

Pear caramel

mousse of Belgian chocolate, biscuit with pear, pear in white wine
105.00 грн.

Pistachio raspberry

pistachio mousse, raspberry cream, raspberry-strawberry compote, pistachio biscuit financier.
105.00 грн.

Sachertorte with raspberry

chocolate biscuit, raspberry marmalade, black chocolate.
80.00 грн.


coconut mousse, strawberry cream, strawberry-banana compote, crispy layer on roasted coconut, coconut Moelleux.
105.00 грн.