Delivery of croissants in Kyiv

Sometimes we want to make little miracles. For example, to surprise someone with croissants for breakfast. Still warm, with cream cheese, Norwegian salmon or a favorite jam. Or try something new. For example, a croissant, baked with prosciutto and cheese. Slices of Italian ham turn out to be crispy, and the airy dough is soaked with an appetizing aroma. We’re at Bo. Pastry will help you with that gladly. Call the day in advance, and the courier will bring the package with a warm bake to the first cup of coffee. We created almost ten kinds of croissants for you to surprise your relatives. There are more traditional: for example, with ham and cheese, or with

almond cream frangipane. And there are unexpected ones: marshmallow, Nutella, or Red velvet – in honor of the classic American cake.


In our kitchen, we have the latest confectionery equipment. All chemical dyes and even margarine are banned. To make the croissants porous, airy, with the right elastic texture, we buy the best butter and flour that can be found in Ukraine. Our cooks know classic recipes, but they are always ready to improve them with modern techniques. In addition, they are very fond of experimenting. Therefore, we always have a taste that will surprise you. For example, a black croissant appeared on the menu recently. We want to keep the intrigue, but here is a hint: the composition of this croissant includes Oreo — kids favorite cookie.

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with philadelphia cheese
40.00 грн.

French mini croissant

Puff pastry
25.00 грн.

mini croissant almonds

Puff pastry, almond cream, almond flakes
37.00 грн.

mini croissant Orange-almond

Puff pastry, cream franzhipan
35.00 грн.

mini croissant with Tafita cream

with condensed milk and chocolate
35.00 грн.