Experts consider the Danes to be the happiest nation in the world. It’s raining almost 170 days a year in Denmark, however, the kingdom regularly ranks first in the global happiness ratings of the UN and other organizations. Researchers from the Copenhagen Institute for the Study of Happiness assure us that the thing is in the special philosophy of life of the Danes, ‘Hygge’. It is the ability to create an atmosphere of absolute comfort, regardless of weather conditions.

Many sociologists have devoted their lives to studying this phenomenon. And found out the important place of baking in the culture of Denmark, in addition to candles and frequent meetings with loved ones. The Danes adore the sweets. Statistics say: in 2018 they will bypass the Finns in the consumption of desserts and become the first sweet tooth of the world. Traditional Danish pastry is Danish. Air puff, densely impregnated with oil, stuffed with cream or pieces of fruit. In Denmark, by the way, Danish is called “Viennese bread”, but its taste does not get worse because of it.

Along with pretzels, cinnamon rolls, and cayman’s birthday cake, Danish buns are considered one of the most suitable for the philosophy of the Hygge. One of its mandatory conditions is to pamper yourself and, from time to time, deviate from the principles of a healthy lifestyle. In Bo. Pastry we serve three types of danish – with coconut, peach and cherry confiture. We could’ve joked that they are all made according to the recipes of scientists from the Institute for the Study of Happiness, but when you try them, you will realize that this is not a joke.

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