Hector Jimenez-Bravo loves sweets more than anything else (except, maybe, traveling). By creating a new pastry shop in Kyiv, the recognized chief wanted to tell everyone about both of his passions.


Bo. Pastry is dedicated to his second house, the city of Montreal, Canada. Hector first came there in 2000. He was invited to take part in the opening of the five-star Brookstreet Hotel and Resort in Ottawa. By that time, Jimenez-Bravo was already a recognized chief. He studied at the Bogotá Culinary Academy, worked in several five-star hotels in his native country, taught at the National Culinary Academy in the city of Medellín. Before moving to Canada, Hector managed the kitchen of one of the most luxurious hotels in the US — the Hilton Boston Back Bay and be remembered as the youngest boss in North America for the entire existence of the Hilton network.


In Canada, Hector lived for six years. There he focused on creating his own gastronomic style — Nuevo Latino. It combined his versatile experience and knowledge of French, Latin American and Asian cuisine in a single technique.


After Canada, Hector has worked in the Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore and St. Petersburg, until he came to Ukraine.