Bo. Pastry is a pastry shop in the center of Kyiv. Ukrainians do not know much about Canada. We’ve heard that this is a country with an original northern nature: endless territories full of ancient forests and crystal clear lakes. We perfectly imagine its purest dawns, which can only be experienced in the North. But, when it comes to the cities of Canada, it turns out that we know even less.

The capital of the province of Quebec, the city of Montreal, is the second home of the chef and TV host Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Hector lived in Canada for more than six years and it was a place where his cuisine style of Nuevo Latino was formed. Hector always wanted the Ukrainians to learn more about his second home. A city where you can hear French speech no less than English. Which looks and feels like a piece of Paris (with all its charm, cozy streets and coffee shops) moved to North America. A talented chef, who devoted his whole life to opening restaurants in different parts of the world, felt that only a chamber pastry shop in Kyiv center could convey the spirit of Montreal.

Hector created his first pastry shop in collaboration with designer Katerina Mordanova. The interior is a lot pink, but this shade is not vulgar at all — it is a delicate shade of a trending dusty rose. The cafe has huge panoramic windows, overlooking the main street of Kyiv. But the most important is the showcase.

Our confectioners have developed more than seventy dishes for Bo. Pastry menu. These are trendy mousse desserts, eclairs, pasta, and puff pastry, familiar to everyone since childhood. Paying tribute to the French mood of the city, our pastry cooks created almost ten kinds of croissants and did not forget about the American classics, which is also very popular in Canada. It was impossible to open a cafe in the city center and to deny yourself a pleasure of creating an author’s version of the capital classics: “Kyiv” and carrot cakes. Take a table by the window, order a cup of cappuccino or strong tea and, of course, pick the dessert. It doesn’t matter what you choose: something familiar or completely new. Trust Hector’s intuition and discover a piece of his beloved city.